Our forthcoming function in the temple is Holi Milan on Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 5:00PM.

The HOLI festival, popularly associated with colours, also celebrates the changing of the seasons from winter to spring and the triumph of good over evil. With pandemic ongoing, our Holi function will be a managed little differently this year (without colours to minimize contact).. Come and join us for a fun evening get-together with music, bonfire, and take-out snacks in the temple on Sunday, March 20, 2022, from 5pm to 8pm. The Preeti Bhojan (Dinner) will be served by Shenwai and Gham Families. You will be able to either sit and dine at the temple or pick up your preeti bhojan as take-out during this time slot.

With COVID-19 this event will be managed a little differently. We are requesting everyone to schedule your visit to the temple during half hour slot between 5pm and 8pm. Your cooperation is highly appreciated!

Please register your visit at the link below:

There will be 5 time slots for sign up during which you can pick up preeti bhojan.
Time Slot A – 5:00pm
Time Slot B – 5:30pm
Time Slot C – 6:00pm
Time Slot D – 6:30pm
Time Slot E – 7:00pm

To make our functions and events safe for all, please consider self-restraining and limiting your participation, if you have recently traveled or not feeling well please stay home to avoid contact with others members and the general public. Also please do not overstay and socialize.