The Victoria Hindu Parishad and Cultural Center would like to invite you with your family and friends for the annual picnic on Sunday August 20th at Beaver Lake Park. This is a fun-filled family event with games, music, delicious lunch and masala chai for all.

Date: Sunday August 20, 2023 – noon to 3PM
Venue: Beaver Lake Park.

Delicious vegetarian lunch will be served at the picnic by Surinder & Krishna Sharma ji along with Rick & Renu, Rishi & Amy and family.

Kindly, please bring along fruits to share. Please also bring lawn chairs, mats, sports stuff (frisbee, cricket bat, beach ball etc). Please come along with family and friends to enjoy!!! Friends let’s make it an eco-friendly picnic with your family & friends. Please bring your own plates, cups, spoons and water in (refillable bottles). Thank you!