It is time again for our annual Diwali Show. This year the Diwali Show will take place on Saturday, November 4 at 6 PM in the University Centre Auditorium at the University of Victoria.

This is one of the most beautiful and widely attended events of its kind in Victoria and attracts over 1000 attendees. This program consists of a variety of Indian Classical, Folk, Bollywood, South Indian dances, Bhangra, Hindi and Punjabi songs, as well as other musical entertainment. Renowned performers as well as several talented local artists will be participating in this event to showcase our rich cultural heritage to the community.

Tickets to this event are $25 for all ages (3 and above).

To purchase tickets please contact the UVic Ticket office at 250-721-8480 or purchase online at

Complementary premium tickets are available for donations to the temple beginning at $50 per ticket. To make donations and get your premium tickets, please contact:

Dr. Ashok Agarwal: 250-384-1521
Mr. Lalit Sood: 250-891-4073

Make sure you get in touch as soon as possible for your premium donation tickets to get the best possible seats. These are in high demand and they are going fast!